Special Edition – October 31, 2012


This is a quick heads-up, from my mentor and ultra-informed friend.

Apparently, there are rumors going around Washington that Obama might try to push through another one of his Executive Orders that will either change – or extend – the election day/date.

Some people are already adjusting for the “emergency proclamation” by setting up extra voting areas to help carry out the order.

Noting that New York and New Jersey are both already in Obama’s column, he can say it is just for the sake of “fairness.”

But many people, who are against this order, say that Republicans would go out to vote if there were a blizzard, to unseat Obama.

Not so, the Democrats.  They are more inclined to just say to hell with it, so this order is in hopes of “urging the Democrats” to get out the vote.

It is seen as a total disaster if either New York or New Jersey were to “slip” into the GOP’s column.

That would assuredly sink Obama and his ilk.

Thus, the rumors are flying as I write.


Judging from the “gas” I took from my last newsletter – many people are thinking that I am now some sort of conspiracy nut.

Far from it.  I am just writing about what I see and hear.  I don’t remember once ever saying that ,”The sky is falling.”

It lends credence to the old adage:

“What a writer writes, and what the reader reads are not necessarily the same.”

In other words, people read what they think they see – not what is actually written.

An Executivel Order can be enacted at any time deemed necessary by the President.

Yes, Matilda, it can happen.

But will it happen is anybody’s guess.

Please read that again.  I am not predicting it will happen.  Only that there is a very heavy rumor going around Washington that it might.

Some are saying that the present administration was planning this course of action – BEFORE the storm even hit.

Now that Obama is “on the scene” he will take full advantage of the situation – and then try to see if he can get away with, yet another Executive Order.

It remains to be seen what the Congress (both Houses) will do – if anything at all.

Maybe this is the November 3rd surprise that some conspiracy nut predicted about five days ago.  They have known that this storm was coming for about 10 days.

This election is FAR from over.

That’s all for now.

Keep thinking positive.

Chairs! (Tribute to Clint Eastwood)

Lawrence Klepinger




5 Responses to “Special Edition – October 31, 2012”

  • The Senator Says:

    Good job Larry! Anyone who is familiar with Chicago politics, as you and I are, knows that morality and decency has NOTHING to do with their approach-it is all about selfishness and political power! Thankfully, no other place in America operates quite so brazenly, but it always amazes me how many people doubt the evident depravity! Chairs and here’s to a resounding Romney Ryan victory. We cannot afford 4 more years of this idiocy!

    P.S. The MSM is jumping over Romney’s remark about cutting FEMA, as if it is outrageous to ask a wasteful, generally incompetent $5.6 billion behometh to go on a diet and prioritize rescue expenditures over bureaucratic regulation and intransigence. No one said get rid of FEMA, but rather make it operate more efficiently. I, and many other taxpayers I suspect, would appreciate our hard earned contributions to the Federal treasury be treated with more respect, and not wasted on inflated salaries and careerism. CHAIRS!

  • Andrea Says:

    Yes, I have heard this possibility mentioned also. There is speculation that Obama may try this since most of the states affected are for Obama. Personally, I want it go off on time and I want to wake up to find a miracle, Mitt Romney is our new president.

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    yep, as you say, the sitting President is using the power of the office to affect the election. Is that fair?

    Maybe some legislation is needed; why not, but on the other hand, do our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES give s Shit!! (oh sorry for the swear word folks, but it is a good sentence inhancing effect!)

    Speak out a vote!

  • BILL JOE Says:

    Yes, this is just an example that Obama is going to do whatever it takes to get re-elected. We have been hearing for a long time of the big surprise that is to happen just before election day. Now we are also hearing about his team of lawyers to act on every inconceivable possibility of Romney getting any majority of the electoral vote. Whatever it takes Obama has every base covered and will do anything-every thing to take the election, be it by schemes, fraud or deception = Well planned, well organized and well supported by the liberal media

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    Just a thought…suppose Obama wins by Electoral College votes and Romney wins the popular vote…a reversal of the 2000 elections. I certainly am not ready for another four years of Obama (though Romney isn’t so impressive either). However, I’m thinking that something like that may be the beginning of the end for the Electoral College. It’s outdated and should be abolished anyway. And the Democrats would never have the balls to challenge that. But the Republicans would. Hmmmm…