No. 156 – October 28, 2012


There is an adage that goes something like this:

Read THE PRINCE (Niccolò Machiavelli), once when you are 18; a second time when you are 45; and lastly when you are 65.  If this formula is followed, you will find that you have read three different books.

The basic meaning is that you will learn new things every time you read THE PRINCE.

Here is a great quote that seems to have been overlooked by the people who voted for Obama, the first time around.  Please notice, I do not refer to him as President any longer.  After the debacle in Libya, I refuse to call him Mr. President – let alone, Commander-in-Chief.

Obama is a coward and a ruse.  I warned about him four years ago.

But instead of me stating the obvious again, I offer the following, from THE PRINCE.

“They who from a private station become Princes by mere good fortune, do so with little trouble, but have much trouble to maintain themselves.  They meet with no hindrance on their way, being carried as it were on wings to their destination, but all their difficulties overtake them when they alight.  Of this class are those on whom States are conferred either in return for money, or through the favour of him who confers them; as it happened to many in the Greek cities of Ionia and the Hellspont to be made Princes by Darius, that they might hold these cities for his security and glory; and as happened in the case of those Emperors who, from privacy, attained the Imperial dignity by corrupting the army.”

SOURCE:  THE PRINCE, Chapter VII, Of New Princedoms Acquired By The Aid Of Others And By Good Fortune (First Paragraph)

For those who care to learn a little history, I would suggest that each and every person read this timeless book – at least once.  It will turn your life around with its precise description of how the human mind really works.

And please remember, the word Machiavellian is used in a derogatory sense, by those who completely misunderstand its purpose.

All that Machiavelli was doing was describing the nature of Princes.  He was not advising/suggesting what, or what not, to do.  He was simply describing human nature – and how certain situations would produce certain results.

The final sentence, “attained the Imperial dignity by corrupting the army” is of utmost importance, when this is read with respect to what Obama has just done.

If you do nothing else today, please read the article below.  It should frighten the living daylights out of you.  Thanks for forwarding this to me, David.

If you are still considering voting for Obama, after this TOTAL LIE revolving around Libya, then I feel very sorry for you.

Ignorance can be cured; not so, stupidity.

“Don’t blame the elected; in every instance, it is the electors that are to be held responsible.”

I cannot express, in words, how disappointed – and ashamed – I am of the office of the American Presidency – at this point in our history.


At times, I have referred to my mentor – the one who has been giving me tips/information/support – ever since I ran for Congress in 2004.

Some readers have suggested that he doesn’t really exist.  Let me assure you that he does.  I would have never made the showing I did in the 2004 Washington State Primary had he not been instrumental in the way I ran my campaign – albeit, completely behind the scenes.

But, with that aside, I would also like to point out, most people have “insiders” that give both information/gossip/rumors to “friends of the cause.”

Below is an interview that, if taken seriously, will scare you even more than the one above.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The reason for giving these 3 sites is to show the reader that my newsletters are not something that is conjured up.  These are not my words.  They are words of others – that verify a lot of what I have been trying to tell readers for the last four years.

Anyone who takes their lives seriously had better wake up.

As stated in previous newsletters, I am not a Romney supporter.  But I would rather have him – than Obama.

And THAT is precisely the choice we have on November 6th.

I urge all readers who have written to me saying they would “sit this one out” or would “rather vote for Gary Johnson, just to teach the GOP a lesson” – if you still think this way, then your action is tantamount to voting for Obama.

I cannot say it any plainer than that.

Keep thinking positive.  Only 9 days left – to save America.

Lawrence Klepinger




4 Responses to “No. 156 – October 28, 2012”

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    Yep, he is a real nerd, but not for America. Using the government for personnel launching pad.

    An agenda not ment for America.

    A Presidency that is not really in the news; and media not really reporting what the administration is doing. No news doesn’t sell the media; but other cheap “supposedly news items” are selling for them. What does the American Voter really know?

    The activity in Libya was not even responded to by the governement in any way. Why? Lots of reasons, but no action.

    The Internet is full of negative things surrounding Obama, WHY? Who cares, better Yet?

    A vote for other than Romeny is a vote for Obama even if you don’t vote for Obama. Think about that before marking your ballot!!

    The election this time is between two candidants, and one is not for America and the other is for America. All others will not even count in this election except for a vote for Obama. Don’t let this happen, vote so the Electorial College will be true to a vote for America!

    Those you doubt what is written here, that’s because you don’t know the writter behind this publication.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    Interesting. I read the interviews and report you referred to. Great stuff for the UFO Abduction crowd.

    I am genuinely puzzled by one thing, however: are “White House Insiders” really so inarticulate as to sound like less intelligent versions of Tony Soprano?


    Michael Kruse

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Michael K. has a good point here. This reads like a B movie. A really bad one at that. I’m getting a little tired of all this conspiracy stuff. Not that I don’t believe that a lot of it is true. But I think we’re overlooking the main point. Someone sent me an email the other day that went sorta like this:

    “It’s not where Obama was born – its where he lives that’s the problem.”

    That’s what we really need to change. The truth will eventually see the light of day and prevail. Or so we hope.


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