No. 155 – October 21, 2012


During the 1964 presidential campaign, the Democrats unleashed the now infamous, Daisy Ad, subtly implying that a vote for Goldwater was tantamount to voting for nuclear annihilation.

Once again, the Liberal media played right into the hands of the Democrats – with their fear tactics in full force.

There was another phrase that the Liberal media played up to the hilt:

“A vote for Goldwater was a vote for war.”

After Goldwater was defeated in a landslide – and we became engulfed in the Vietnam War under the Johnson administration – the Conservative refrain went something like this:

“The Democrats were right after all.  They said if I voted for Goldwater that we would be at war in Vietnam.  Well, I voted for Goldwater – and damned if we didn’t go to war in Vietnam.”


There will be an interim “major announcement” between now and election day, but the big one will come in November.  I suspect that it will have something to do with Syria or Libya.  But, at this point, Iran seems to be the “playing card” that will be the next one up.  Anybody who believes Iran at this point, is simply not in touch with reality.

I am afraid that the real October surprise is getting set to be sprung on November 3rd – due to the fact of the gullible public, their combined dumbed-down mentality and their penchant for a memory span of about 48 hours – and thus, will be the deciding vote getter.

You only need to view this latest clip, sent to me by a good friend and reader.  Thanks Gerrit.


Caveat:  I have been sitting on this story for about two weeks – and still can’t believe it myself.  This whole “conspiracy theory” was passed on to me by my political mentor who says these whispers are all over Washington – but nobody has “the tenacity to even utter a word as to what is really going on.”

With that in mind, please read what I am about to relate with an open mind – and a hard bit of skepticism.  I will try to present the conversation as well as I can remember it.

There have been rumors galore about the “possibility” of President Obama having a secret, homosexual past.  Whether he still “participates” or not is not the point at this juncture.

What seems to be an extraordinarily well-orchestrated cover-up by everyone in the White House, rumors are rife that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was PURPOSELY set up by Obama, to conceal a certain “sexual liaison” between the president and Ambassador Stevens, that took place some years ago.  Or, if there was nothing between them personally, then they were well aware of each other’s homosexual proclivities.  These stories have been all over the Internet – so nothing new, so far.

There have been numerous rumors about a certain Low Down club in Chicago, that catered to well-to-do black men.  It is again rumored that Obama had a short “engagement” with Ambassador Stevens at this establishment – or that they knew of their sexual “preferences.”  This, too, is not new.

It is further rumored that Ambassador Stevens had been so angered by his constant requests for more security, that he threatened to reveal the “issue with the press” unless things got better in Libya.

Again – rumor – has it that Obama’s “inner-inner” circle got wind of this and decided to let Ambassador Stevens “hang out to dry.”

Thus, the actual – intentional – depleting of security around Ambassador Stevens in Libya.

One can only imagine how this would affect the November election – let alone the actual office of the president itself.

It is for the protection – and WORLDWIDE reputation of the office of the president of the United States of America – that everyone seems to be on board together – with the continual denials, compounded with Hillary Clinton taking the blame – with the hopes of trying to divert attention away from the presidency itself.

To cover their tracks, the administration first put forth the false statements that the “anti-Islamic” film was to blame.

Then, when that did not hold up, the  now combined retraction/restatement that it was a terrorist plot, are seen as an all-out, gigantic cover-up to actually save the office of the president from international humiliation and condemnation – the likes of which would take decades to repair.

At this point, I have to interject, that Ambassador Stevens has, by all accounts, been seen as one of the best, and highly regarded ambassadors that America had in the Middle East, having lived there for years – and actually being fluent in the language.  In short, he loved the people and the country he was serving.

This would only add insult to injury.  First, the reputation of the president – and then to that of the ambassador.

I have been trying to piece this rumor together – but I keep coming up with the question – What really happened?

In all honesty, at this point, my mentor did not have an answer.  But he did say that he has never seen anything like this in his entire career of politics.

“Lips are not sealed – they are sewn shut.”

When I kept saying, “You can’t be serious,” he said the following:

“Remember, when Clinton got caught lying to Congress?  He was actually IMPEACHED for doing so.  Yet, the Liberal press tried to make it sound like he was impeached for getting a blowjob from Monica Lewinski.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  But the Media succeeded, for the most part, in making it look like Clinton was being punished for his sexual dalliance with another woman.

Many people, to this day, are unaware that Clinton was actually IMPEACHED.  Younger college students simply do not believe this to even be true.  They just don’t know.  They are THAT dumbed down.

When the impeachment vote was taken – and Clinton was actually impeached – there was another vote needed to remove him from office.  Both Houses were pressed, by the Democratic Machine, not to remove Clinton – or else there would be hell to pay in the future.  The country could not go through such a disgrace to the office of the president.  The full Congress backed down.”

But I still was not convinced that they would go this far to cover up something of such magnitude.

“Remember Vince Foster?” came his usual, succinct reply.  “How the hell do you commit suicide by shooting yourself in the back of your head?  The press covered that one up, too.”

I still was not convinced that our “leaders” would go this far to cover up something so criminal as this.

“Have you been watching the generals and their body language?  How about the White House press conferences?  Everybody is walking on eggshells.  Something big is in the wind – to take public attention off of this whole affair.”

I still was not convinced.  Then he hit me between the eyes.

“OK, Larry.  Then explain to me why, when Ron Brown (Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton) said that, if an indictment was brought against him for illegal campaign contributions, that he was not going to go to prison by himself.  Days later, his plane crashed into a mountainside in Bosnia and he, along with everybody else, was killed.

“The Clinton administration immediately came out and said it was due to bad weather.  But the weather on that day was, in fact, perfectly clear.  Then they started a complete line of lies to cover for their first lie.

“And don’t you remember that video clip of Clinton, walking out of the funeral for Ron Brown, carry a Bible, laughing with his buddies, but as soon as he saw the camera filming him, he put on a mournful face and pretended to be sad?”

Yes, I had to admit that I saw that.

“Well, did you know that the air-traffic controller in Bosnia was found a day later, hanging in the men’s restroom by his own belt?”

I also remembered that but it got scant news coverage – again the media covering for Clinton.

“So, are you still going to tell me that this kind of thing doesn’t happen?” He went on.  “Vince Foster, a suicide.  The man in the control tower, a suicide.

“What about Hershel Friday and Ed Willey.  They died in plane crashes – and they were both Clinton fundraisers, too.

“After Ron Brown was killed, a co-worker named Barbara Wise also died shortly thereafter – but the reason has never been verified as to the cause of death.

“There was a lot of other people to die, who were members of the Clinton administration, but I can’t remember them all.

“At least have the balls to put this story out, if for nothing else, to bring possible light to this horrible situation.  You always say that the media should print everything that it knows and let We the People make up our minds.  Let’s see what kind of courage you really  have.”

So, there I stood, feeling like a fool.  I was challenged – two weeks ago – to print this information.  But I backed down, in favor of trying to let the whole story play itself out.

However, in retrospect, it looks like another gigantic cover-up.  With that in mind, I decided to tell this story – in hopes that it will bring some light to a seemingly unending situation.

I have relayed this conversation with extreme trepidation.  I know it sounds like a conspiracy to end all conspiracies – but my friend has rarely been wrong with his information – so I have put this out for you, the readers, to at least think about this possibility.

And one other fact that might throw some questionable concepts to the cover-up that seems to be going on with regard to this “Libyan Incident.”

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama all had their law licenses taken from them.

Bill Clinton for his lying to Congress, Barack and Michelle Obama for not wanting to reveal “sensitive” information regarding both of their past histories.

People simply do not give up their LAW LICENSE on the spur of the moment.  To relinquish your right to prictice law – after spending years getting that designation – is not done lightly.

All three had something very sinister that they did not want ANYBODY to find out about.

And now, we are supposed to trust this same group with the presidency of the United States of America?

As another prediction, look for Bill Clinton’s license to practice law to be reinstated in the near future.

I realize the chances I am taking for saying these things.  And I am fully aware of the wrath that the simple disclosure of this scenario will incur.

However, it seems that these points have to be, at least, considered – when all these past “murky circumstances” surrounding Obama and Clinton are put in proper perspective.

If any reader has information regarding this outrageous concept, please write your findings in the American Telegraph Blog.  Please try to verify your finding as much as possible.

Who know what will turn up next?

America is in real trouble.  I hope it is not too late.

Take care, keep thinking positive – and never give up!

Lawrence Klepinger




9 Responses to “No. 155 – October 21, 2012”

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    Just go to Google and type in: “Is Obama Gay”

    You will be surprised at what this brings up on its search.

    This is an election that requires and education of a voter and not listening to the media or the campagines.

    I believe Mr. Obama and associates have done a big job of covering up to get and keep this man were he is.

    Is this the kind of American leadership we need or want?

    Mr. Obama has an agenda he does not tell the public about. It needs to be put to an end, NOW!

  • David Welden Says:

    Just suppose the following facts were true:

    1) Benghazi is/was the central coordinating point for the rebellion in Syria. That is, it is the location from which all al qaeda affiliated groups receive their dispatch and weaponry orders.

    2) Stephens and his CIA associates were/are the persons managing the Benghazi opposition to the Syrian government on behalf of the US and UK governments. It is quite likely that Stephens had close personal relationships with some of the CIA and their contractors.

    3) Because of the above, there was a comfortable relationship between the Ambassador and the rebels based in Benghazi. Stephens felt safe in that environment and saw no need for protection services.

    4) However, unknown to our public is the fact that only 10% of the Libyan population were in favor of the rebellion that occurred in Libya. The other 90% opposed the “Arab Spring” and the forces from other countries that invaded Libya to oust the old government. That 90% does not support the new government and certainly does not like their city of Benghazi being used by al qaeda, et al, as a base of operations supporting the invasion of Syria.

    5) Known as the “Greens”, the Libyan Green Resistance is a well-armed militant group which represents the 90% of the population. They are quite hostile towards al qaeda, the al qaeda affiliates and the Americans who are/were coordinating the Syrian invasion. When Stephens wrote about his fears for his life, it was the Greens that he was afraid of, not al qaeda.

    6) Sep 11 was an opportune time for the Greens to display their muscle and cut off the head of the snake. They attacked the Benghazi facility and killed the four Americans. Note that most of the citizens of Benghazi stayed home that night.

    So, think about this situation and just suppose these claims were true. If true, it would be virtually impossible for the White House and Secy. Clinton not to know about it. What would people say if they learned the US has been subsidizing al qaeda to invade Eqypt, Libya and now, Syria? What would people say when they learned the intent of placing the Muslim Brotherhood into power in each of those countries was a plan devised by the US and UK governments? What would people say when they learned how many good journalists have been killed to prevent them from writing the truth about what is actually happening over there?

    Just imagine if all of this were the truth…

    Keep up the good work.

  • Brian Says:

    I can’t even get past the first few paragraphs. Your losing your credibility with this Fox newsworthy stuff. Rupert Murdoch should purchase the LA Times and you guys would have a grand old time telling all kinds of tales. Yes and what about gas prices?

    Get back to the real important stuff not just the gossip. This kind of stuff is what fuels the American penchant for media news and not caring for what goes on in the world.

    Good thing I am down here in Khanom, Thailand for a few days. So far from the maddening crowd in the U.S.

  • Tom Cox Says:


    I was really appalled by this issue of The American Telegraph. You sound like some fanatical, witch-hunting neo-MaCarthyite here. One of the reasons I have been such a fan of the American Telegraph is I have honestly felt that it was a conservative voice of moderation and reason which stood out among the irrationality, hysteria and extremism which has characterized Republican rhetoric in recent years. The worst thing you could do is allow yourself to slide into the kind of dirty, slanderous, slash and burn type of political rumor mongering that has plauged Republican politics for decades. You made some extraordinarily serious accusations against Democratic leaders, with only the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence to support them. What about Republican misconduct over the years? There is no bigger political thug than Karl Rove, whose well-orchestrated campaigns of slander have damaged the careers of numerous repsected leaders, John Kerry and John McCain among them. Why not write an article about that son of a bitch!! You brought up the Monica Lewinsky case. What about the hypocritical Republican leadership who spent 40 million dollars investigating President Clinton’s sex life and then preached about big government and excessive government spending? The list of Republican misconduct goes on and on, but I will stop here. You should be holding the Republicans as accountable for their actions as the Democrats. I really am disappointed.


  • Jeff Potter Says:

    First of all, let me say that I am a registered Republican (though frankly that really doesn’t mean much in this age of Demicans and Republocrats). I suppose that if i were pressed to explain my political leanings, I would describe myself as a Jeffersonian Democrat.

    Anyway, the old adage comes to mind that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” when I see something along this line. With only a little research online, it’s very easy to come up with statistics that are actually the result of significant research showing Republican homosexual scandals far outweighing Democratic. In fact, sex scandals in general lean in favor of the GOP considerably.

    There are also average IQ scores to be considered in red versus blue states and unfortunately the real research seems to also lend itself to Republicans not being so bright.

    As I said, I am talking about stats backed by real research, not just some made up numbers by someone with an agenda. Maybe it’s time I changed my affiliation to Independent.

    Here are just a couple links that I found with a quick search:

    Obviously the makers of that video have an agenda (democraticunderground), but that doesn’t refute the truth. Let’s face it. Fox/GOP news has an agenda too.

    Is there any such thing as real news any more? It seems that the most accurate news comes from comedians like John Stewart, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, and Steven Colbert. Political leanings? Absolutely. But if I am going to watch news with political leanings, at least I get to be entertained and have a few laughs along the way.

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    I need to throw in a sort of “retraction”.

    Wow, I went right for the “gay” thing and totally missed the point. I would have liked to believe I was smarter than that. Maybe I should remain in the Republican party after all. Lol. I missed it. The real story is the possible cover-up. My apologies for missing that.

    The dumbing down of America however is definitely non-partisan and my experience with a lot of Republicans is that they also “just know”. It sure makes one wonder where all this will end, doesn’t it?

    I personally believe that it doesn’t make a great deal of difference who sits in the White House (back to that Demican and Republocrat thing). Our economy is eventually going to turn around if people like the Bilderberg participants decide to make that so. If not, we’ll be eventually facing a world economy and maybe my value will increase as I am really only chattel for the US anyway. Or maybe a FICO score? But certainly not an individual human being with any real rights other than the ones I insist on taking for myself.

    Anyway, I still enjoy AT a great deal and open those emails as soon as I see them each time. Keep it up. Some of us are listening.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-
    Time is short. I just wish Obama would go for a tank ride next week.

    PS to Brian: Sounds like you’ve been having a great time in Thighland. Just wondering, what’s a gallon of gas going for there?
    If you get up to Bangcock, be sure to check out the Purple Monkey Bar and Thrill. They specialize in unusual entertainment for ex-pats. Just don’t drink the water.

  • David Klepinger Says:


    Good job. Don’t be concerned with the critics. Sometimes I just think that people don’t want to believe that politicians can be so sinister. I believe that not only do many of them have the capacity for it, but they design their entire dastardly careers around such actions. The desire for power in government is the strongest drug on earth, and once people become addicted to this power, there is no limit to what they will do to keep it. We are in for a real doozy between now and Election Day. Chicago politicians are the best at what they do, and they will NOT go quietly into that good night. I have a rumor of my own to share:

    I believe that Gloria successfully executed her plan, following orders from the White House, to do what was needed to help remove the only black Republican candidate from the race. There was just NO WAY Obama was going to be put in the position of debating another black man for his job. If he did, how were blacks going to vote? Once Herman was out of the race, Gloria and all her blonde bimbos went back to hide under the rocks from which they came, and with a LOT more money in their pockets. (Did anyone in the media EVER bring up the fact that ALL these women were white? Don’t tell me Axelrod and Obama did not know what they were doing.) There are those who are expecting Gloria to do her witchcraft once again. Just wait for it. I know that there are those in a very hungry media who are just licking their chops at this very moment.

  • BILLY JOE Says:

    Yes I still remember what the Demos did to Goldwater.

    Ohh, the circumstantial evidence of those from Clinton to Obama. A bit more to overlook.

    I have remember some stating with Vince Foster but oh, so many.

    Yes, America IS in real trouble.

    Somehow we have got to keep positive that this great country will survive.