Special Edition – October 16, 2012


In my last American Telegraph I predicted that Romney would be declared the loser by the Liberal media.

I was wrong on that call.  But, please bear in mind, that a lot of individual Liberal pundits were saying that Obama actually won – Juan Williams being one of them.  There were others on MSNBC who called Obama the winner, too.

If they say Obama was the winner on that one, you can only hazard a guess as to what they would say had he actually won.

But what we all should be aware of were the EXCUSES that came out of the mouths of the Liberal media.

Please remember, we are in the era of cry-babies, excuse-makers (it is still Bush’s fault) and on and on.

As for the Biden/Ryan debate many of the Liberal media were proclaiming Biden the “clear and distinct” winner.

The point I am trying to make here is that the Liberal media actually does not KNOW what a debate really is.

You need to have SUBSTANCE – not just form.

Having a minor degree in communications to go along with my BA in poly sci, taught me a lot of things about argumentation and debate.

But these types of classes are no longer taught in our public schools – for the stated purpose of dumbing down the populace on purpose.  So, therefore, the new media does not know how to “rate a debate.”

The main problem with Liberals is that they tend to let passion override reason.

That thrill up Chris Matthews’ leg is a perfect example.  The “gate-mouth smile” of Jumpin’ Joe Biden is another example.  I wrote earlier about the gate-mouth smile syndrome among professional charlatans.

Some people took me to task, trying to imply that I was only referring to Obama – and his famous smile – for the “fact” that it stands out “because he is black.”

The last time I checked, Joe Biden is white.  And so is Bill Clinton.

But, then again, when all else fails, the Liberal “thinker” can always fall back on race.

You cannot deny all three have that “gate-mouth” smile – that all connivers seem to be endowed with.

So we have an uneducated Liberal press (and general public) that salivates at a “smooth” talker.  A groovy guy.  A cool dude.

“There is a sucker born every minute.”  P.T. Barnum

Thus, the purpose of this Special Edition American Telegraph is to alert readers of the upcoming debate tonight.

Obama WILL WIN this debate – and climb in the polls by tomorrow –  unless Romney pulls out another astounding debate performance like he did on the first one.  I seriously doubt that this will happen.

And remember, Romney won on all points of SUBSTANCE and did nicely on STYLE, too boot.

But he was STILL panned by many Liberal media “experts.”

I used to judge speech and debate contests in college.  Romney AND Ryan won both of the debates – hands down.

But, then again, I have been trained in what to look for – and how to judge accordingly – unlike the Liberal media – and the general public.

So, be on guard tonight, with this debate.  Candy Crowley will try to make it appear that she is “neutral” when, in fact, she is in the Obama camp.

Think I am wrong?  All we have to do is ask who she is voting for.

Another fact to bear in mind.  Romney and Ryan got hammered for “talking too long” in there debates – yet, BOTH Obama and Biden had the higher count in total time speaking.

So, as predicted in my last newsletter – Romney and Ryan – will be portrayed as the losers – even if they actually win.

And, as a historical note,  this “starry-eyed fixation” on style over substance is not new to the Liberal media.

The classic example is the Kennedy/Nixon debate.  Kennedy looked sharp, smart and “cool.”

Nixon looked “dark” and disheveled.

Yet, historians now agree, that Nixon actually won the debate on SUBSTANCE.

And let’s not forget, John Kennedy came from the 1% and was a multimillionaire.

Nixon was neither.

Kennedy was also a womanizer and “groovy” to watch

Nixon was a plodder and drab by comparison.

But, the most interesting part of that 1960 election – was the 11th hour phone call – to Mayor Richard Daley from John Kennedy – personally asking for help in gathering “any kind of votes” he could get his hands on.

And Kennedy’s bottom-line appeal to Mayor Daley?

He was Catholic, too.

Read your history, ladies and gentlemen.  Get off your lazy asses and wake up.

This same scenario is coming back to haunt us all.

This Chicago Mob has not been beaten yet.  Again, it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to do the job.

The old maxim is brought to mind:

“Don’t blame the elected; blame the electorate.”

INTERESTING CAVEAT sent in to me by a reader.

He said, with respect to all those who get angry with you for using cuss words, just remember this:

“They may call them cuss words – but I call them SENTENCE ENHANCERS.”

I like that, Big John.  Many thanks!

Here is hoping you all enjoy the debate tonight.  And, mark my words, Obama WILL be up in the polls this time tomorrow.

Keep thinking positive.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger




5 Responses to “Special Edition – October 16, 2012”

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    I’ve totally given up on caring a rats ass on what liberals think – or say. There is nothing that can be said or done to change their closed little minds. Rush was right when he said that liberalism is a disease.
    I know a few libs where it is so advanced it approaches the final stages of rabies – these people are almost foaming at the mouth with their invective. There is just no reasoning with the unreasonable and deranged. Just ask the Taliban.

    But I think you are wrong about the ‘uneducated liberal press’. Most of these morons are highly educated. Which really tells you how deep our problems lie.


  • Andrea Says:

    Anyone connected with MSNBC is a leftie. Juan Williams is also. And for crying out loud, the media (treasonists) is in the tank for Obama and always have been. It’s Obama first and America second.
    Biden was obnoxious! He was rude and arrogant. Just like his boss.
    My money is on Romney. He is real, he is intelligent, he is refined. Obama is a serial liar, a grandstander, an empty suit and a puppet!!!!!!

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    The director of the televised 1960 Nixon-Kennedy — which I watched with my folks on our Philco 10″ B&W TV — debate was one DON HEWITT. He admitted that his direction of the cameramen was to go tight on Nixon so that he “loomed’ on the TV screens of America while keeping back on JFK. As we all know, things that “loom” are very dangerous. He also jiggered the stage lighting to emphasize Nixon’s pronounced 5 O’clock Shadow.
    Hewitt went on to further his portside creds by creating the 60 Minutes TV show.
    It was also later learned from a former JFK staffer and friend that Kennedy’s more relaxed demeanor was attributed by his having his ashes hauled shortly before heading to the studio.

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    And when you use those $100 words in your sentences, its a way of saying more with less words; but it all means the same!!

    I don’t think these Presidential debates are really true debates. I think its a shame that they have to pick a media person to be a moderator, they should be nothing more than a judge that keeps everyone to the rules of the debate. The moderators should be good ole electors to ask question and let them debate their answers.

    But lets get rid of the “key state(s)” as have a good ole popular election!! Just like we promote to other countries.

    Well, i guess enough said! and yes, I think positive, but who else does?

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Oh, my. Please tell us how to think. Its impossible for me to think on my own and come to any rational conclusion without someone to tell me how to do it.

    Come on–much to do about nothing.