No. 151 – September 28, 2012


I must admit, I took a lot of heat from my last publication.  But, I confess, I had prior information and much substantial research, but chose not to include it in my last newsletter.  I actually wanted to see how readers would react by me, “just running off at the mouth.”  They call that technique “baiting” in debate jargon.

And react, they did.  Some had the courage to write their feelings in the Blog Section.  Good for them.

Yet others, still persist to write scathing remarks and belittling commentary in private emails.  That is fine with me, for it shows the true colors of the ignorant cowards that they are.  Out in the open is fine.  Behind the cloak of secrecy is not my method of operating.  However, when I consider the source, I understand completely.

Some raged on that I was a “neo-con, right wing whacko.”  I still have not figured out what that means but I like the ring it has.  Others rambled on about how I was a “latent Muso-phobic asshole.”  Actually, that was my favorite one – because I had never heard that term before.  But you get the point.

Now, for my confession.  A day before I wrote my newsletter, I had read an article entitled, The Mansourian Candidate, in the Tuesday, September 25, 2012, edition of the Investor’s Business Daily – one of the most highly regarded business publications in the industry.

In a nutshell, the article referred to, “Dr. Khalid Abdul-Iah Tariq alMansour, born Donald Warden, an Israeli-hating Islamist supporter and top advisor to radical Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, and a college student.

“That college student, a young Obama, found al-Mansour’s favor and would one day be president as Israel was abandoned by America and the Middle East burst into flames amid a sea of presidential apologies, including one for our freedom of speech.”

The article goes on to tell how Obama was funded, protected by Islamic fundamentalists, groomed by the anti-Israeli, academic establishment, tutored in the hatred and bigoted nature of those who hate the Jews for all reasons, and then finally led to the presidency – WITH NO VETTING from the Main-stream Media whatsoever.

It is ironic to learn from this same article that alMansour was also the “mentor of Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his associate, Bobby Seale.”

After reading this article, it was plain to see why the Main-stream Media did not want this information to get out.

“Jackals dine among their own.”  Confucius 

It is common knowledge that Muslims have no compunction about lying – if they can justify it as a way to further the “peaceful religion” of Islam.  That phrase “peaceful religion” is a lie in itself.

And this was my point in my last edition – in which many “self-proclaimed Liberal Thinkers (an oxymoron if there ever was one) took it upon themselves to rant and rave about how wrong I was in saying what I said – but with NO evidence to back up their tirade.  Just simple, infantile whining.

I believe it was Winston Churchill that once stated, “Liberals are creatures of emotion: They rarely employ logic; never common sense.”

It is with this type of people – those who really have NO IDEA what they are talking about – but are extremely good talkers just the same – who have usurped our system of government – and are bound and determined to bring America, as we know it, down to her knees.

Here we have a President who lies on a continual basis – the attack on our Libyan Embassy being the most recent, and egregious, example thus far – yet the Main-stream Media does absolutely nothing to call him on it.

If you recall, in a previous edition, I stated, emphatically, that the assult was a coordinated, well-planned attack – and anybody who thought otherwise was just, plain stupid.  I took a lot of gas for that comment, too.

Now, almost three weeks later, the administration is conceding the fact that is was a terrorist attack – yet still refuses to use those exact same terms.

Yet, these GRAND LIES just keep coming with impunity – never checked – just regurgitated by the traitorous, liberal press that we are currently shackled with.


The grander the lie, the more times it is spewed forth – and not rebutted – the stronger it becomes.

And that is my continuing point in this newsletter.

Almost a year ago I predicted that for the GOP to rely solely on the economy was a huge mistake.  I said that the economy will start to rebound by October/November of 2012 – just in time for the presidential election.

I also said that gas would be back to around the $3.20 level.

But here is the rub.

All the information coming out on the economy seems to prove my point.  But what if these are just MORE LIES?

What if the economy is NOT turning around?

What if everything the Main-stream Media is pumping out are TOTAL LIES?

In Texan Hold ’em, this is referred to as, “All in.”

The administration, in full concert with the Main-stream Media, are working overtime to churn out as many lies, distractions, distortions – and just plain bovine excreta – to confuse, confound and ultimately deflate – the populace to just give up and learn to “accept it.”

Now, the polls are showing Obama in the lead in ALL swing states.  This has been news for a number of days, and has, rightly so, been thrown into doubt.

But with the ignorant populace prancing around, talking as though they are actually informed – and JUST KNOW what is going on – it is going to be extremely difficult to convince these ignorant people NOT to vote for Obama.

The video below shows just how STUPID Americans really are – but yet ACT as though they “know it all.”

Please note, very few people say, “I don’t know.”

Why?  Because, in our current system of Politically Correct uneducation, our “children” are taught that everybody is a winner, they are all AWESOME, they have no faults, say anything and it is OK – because it is not nice to be JUDGMENTAL. 

And please notice, this ignorance is not confined to any race – nor gender.  Most Americans, nowadays, are really, really stupid.

Viewer discretion is advised:

After watching this video, I leave you with this one thought.

Each and every one of these people – VOTE.


Recently, I have been talking with a lot of people and I am getting an undercurrent, a sense if you will, that there is a silent movement going on.

More and more people, when asked, IN PUBLIC, who are you going to vote for, automatically say, “Obama,” so as not to have to deal with the “racist” label that liberals love to attach to everybody they disagree with.

But I am finding, more and more, people who confide in me that they “just say that” to avoid trouble.

Greater amounts of people are emphatically – yet secretly – saying they will vote for Romney – “whether they like him or not.”

Again, I implore all readers, if you love America – and wish to preserve the freedoms that were GIVEN TO US by our Founding Fathers – and protected with the blood and sacrifices of generations of Americans before us – then put aside your petty differences – and vote for Mitt Romney.

One last thought to consider.  Islam is, in reality, not a religion – but a way of life.

But not WE THE PEOPLE’S way of life.

It is still up to US to make the difference.

Until next time, keep thinking positive, keep learning – and never give up.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger




9 Responses to “No. 151 – September 28, 2012”

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    As the idiots who insist on texting everything rather than using a telephone for it’s intended purpose say: “OMG”. I guess I knew that the average American wasn’t all that bright, but this video is really and sincerely frightening. Admittedly, I’m no expert on world politics, geography, and the like, but I’m pretty sure I can tell the difference between Australia and North Korea on a world map.

    You know what’s even scarier. i would be willing to bet that we have politicians currently holding office who would come up with some pretty bad bloopers as well. Hopefully not quite this bad, but then again…???

    In all fairness, Republican (yep, sorry Larry, but she is) Sarah Palin thinks that the Vice President runs the Congress, Paul Revere warned the British, the Queen runs England and that Africa is a country. How’s that for scary?

    It’s bad enough when some idiot on the street comes up with these stupid answers, but when it comes from Vice-Presidential and possibly even Presidential hopefuls? Again, I say…OMG.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi again Larry

    Queen Anne is dead. I think I’ve said to you a dozen times, and at least once on this blog, that Obama was outspokenly pro-Palestinian before he got a sniff of running for President, and that I believed that he might, if elected for a second-term, use his office to try to be tougher with Israel, especially as regards settlement-builidng.

    The disappointment so far has been – precisely – that he has been a wet blanket and has done nothing radical at all. The most he has done is utter a few conciliatory words to the rest of the world, but especially the Middle East, after the disastrously ignorant war-mongering adminstration of Bush and his Neo-Con pals. Thank God he has done that.

    My only surprise at your story about the erstwhile Donald Warden (NOT Warren) is that this gentleman has not asked Obama for his money back.

    Recently, Obama’s administration apologised to Muslims for a nutjob film. This was in no way an apology for freedom of speech, it was an apology for what had been said. If you don’t understand the difference between these two things, then you don’t understand freedom of speech at all. Freedom of speech means, among other things, that you have the right to criticise – or apologise for – what people say or do. DUH.

    Finally, thanks for the constant stream of entertaining gems such as, “Islam is, in reality, not a religion – but a way of life”. Obviously, Islam can be both. There is no contradiction here. In fact, any religion that is devoutly followed becomes a way of life. You come up with these oxymorons frequently: “The US is not a democracy but a republic”… Er, it can be both. “I’m not a birther, but I don’t believe Obama was born in the US” is probably my favourite.

  • John Hanrhaan Says:

    Who gives you the ammmunition to write such things?
    What is the real world to some?
    When do folks think they have the right to vote?
    Why don’t people know answers to simple questions?
    Where are we headed for with Obama?
    At least I vote, but not because I can, but because I hope I can make a difference.
    Oh, buy the way, the Vice President runs the Senate, not Congress, and is the next in line to be President before any person in this country !

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Oh my, when will all these conspiracies end? I am getting worn out just thinking of them. Don’t know if it is information or misinformation overload. What will happen if any of it is not true? Now back to my Nap for the day!

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    Actually, unless I misunderstand how it works (and that may be the case), the VP doesn’t “run” much of anything. He or she is set up by our Constitution as the President of the Senate and really only means anything if there is a tie in a vote. Then the VP casts the tie breaking ballot.

    In reality, I would say the Senate Majority Leader can “control” the Senate in that most (or maybe all?) proposed bills can only reach the floor to be debated and voted on if he or she says so. That being said, right now it seems that Harry Reid has considerably more power than the VP.

  • Jacy Says:

    A simple statement: The MSM is in the tank for Obama. They lie, distort the truth as do the Democrats and no one, even the GOP and their Wimps and RINO’S do not call them on it – and haven’t for several decades (Remember what they did to Bush).

    The Muslims, Islam etc. hate Americans. They want to destroy this Republic and Obama, a Muslim himself, is leading the way. I no more believe Obama, never have and if all your readers were smart enough Larry, they would have realized the direction he was going when he campaigned i 2008.

    We do have a segment of very ignorant people – i.e. the woman (ran on the news for the past two days) who believes in Obama because of free cell phones – another one interviewed didn’t work, hadn’t worked because of all the freebies – Social Security, food stamps, all of the entitlements the Democrats believe in giving out – all for control – as is Obamacare. These people are Obama’s army – that is precisely why he went on Letterman, the View, Vegas – rather than meet with Bibi. I think it would be well for some of your readers to go to various sites for information.; see the movie “2016” (may be on TV or YouTube now; “Hope and Change”. By the way Obama’s battle cry “change” is from communist doctrine as well as his “O” emblem…and you might try listening to General George Patton’s address to the Third Army in WWII. I stand with George!…and I don’t believe “most” Muslims are moderate.

    You are right, Larry, I am surprised at the cowards who will not take a stand – we are fighting for the existence of free speech, liberty and freedom – either stand now or take the consequences which will be extremely horrific.

  • The Senator Says:

    Larry: another AWESOME piece, full of erudition and passion, telling it like it is! The fact that the mainstream media continues to disparage the truth, hew the democratic party line and refuses to question anything the Obama administration does shows how desperate the times are and how much we need change! I have already voted for Romney Ryan and am encouraging everyone I know to do the same. When you have an inveterate and unapologetic liar in the White House who cares only about his re-election, campaigns after an US Ambassador is dragged and shot by a mob in Libya, and blatantly lies at every turn, that person cannot be trusted and must be recalled at the earliest opportunity. It is beyond my comprehension why Obama seeks to smooth Muslim feathers at every turn, but never lifts a finger when Christians are prosecuted by Muslims in the Middle East, nor seems concerned about religious liberty at home when it comes to contraception, nor lifts a finger about the perversion of freedom of speech when depictions of the Cross are given in the artist’s urine. Mind you, if it was a cartoon depiction of Mohammed, there would be outrage and a WH apology for sure. Now with revelations of Obama’s patronage by Islamic radicals, it all becomes clear-his loyalty is not to Christ but to Mohammed. We are first and foremost a Christian nation, founded on Christian principles and we have no need to apologize for that to anyone, unless you are Obama and you do not care about those roots and see yourself as an advocate for Islam wherever you go. I wonder how many of your readers know that Obama, working as a lawyer in Chicago, turned out numerous black tenants in the middle of winter from warm substandard apartments to frigid streets simply to appease his client-a wealthy black cleric. And this man has 95% approval rating among blacks, the group that has been hurt the most by his presidency? Absurd! I concur with your assessment of the underground movement in the polls, only finding Obama supporters in elite liberal academic circles. I am praying for our nation and this election every day, and I suggest all who care about this great nation do the same and vote RR in. God Bless You, Larry for all you do telling us the truth, and God Bless this great nation and all who serve her and adhere to her founding values!

  • Ray Says:

    “Most Americans nowadays are really, really, stupid” No kidding! And it is not just nowadays. After 30 years of enlisted service in the US Army, having fought in the Korean War (combat), participated in the Vietnam War (no combat) I retired in 1977. In those 30 years my political participation was limited to voting only in Presidential elections, with my first for Eisenhower in 1952. But I did pay attention, as did most of my fellows, to what was going on in the world, and, maybe to a lesser extent, in the United States. With retirement and lots of GI Bill, and as a Vietnam Vet, eligible for reduced tuition rates, in the early 1980s, I decided to go to school. First to the Community College and then with an AA and still lots of GI Bill on to Western Washington U. It was surprising to learn in both venues that I had learned more about American history, in my first four years (in a one room, one teacher, 8 grades, around 20 kids school) than my fellow students with their high school diplomas knew.
    Of course, sitting in the front of that one room with my fellow first, second, third and fourth graders, doing math problems or those very boring “push-pulls” and”round-rounds” penmanship drills, I could eavesdrop on the teacher (Miss Grace Thompson, bless her soul) explaining really interesting stuff to the big kids, the 5th through 8th graders, in back half of the room. That may have given me a leg up.
    I think that the community college students were a bit more worldly wise than the university students, but for the most part none seemed to know very much about the way the world was or the way the world worked. Sad to say, but I believe the education majors were the worst. At first it was amusing, but later saddening. So in the early 80s, one could say “Americans are really stupid”, maybe not as stupid as today, but still stupid. I suppose one should call them ignorant, not stupid, but I am not sure it possible to cure their ignoramce.
    It seems to me that the nation as founded is finished. The people believe themselves to be educated and have no idea how ignorant they truly are. Without a foundation of necessary knowledge, they cannot think beyond very ordinary thoughts. Hence we have as President, an Obama, without any qualifications other than a silver tongue!! I can cite no greater evidence of the mindlessness of American voters.
    I may digress, but one cannot avoid thoughts of conspiracy, that it is all planned, that the modern world needs only a population of serfs, obedient servants of the state, an Orwellian world, dull, drab and dying.

  • Tom Cox Says:

    Hi Larry;

    I completely agree that the mainstream media is, for the most part, controlled by liberals whose reporting and writing is very, very biased, and elitist as well. These people really couldn’t care less about the concerns of most ordinary Americans. Thank God though for the internet and blogs like American Telegraph. They give the public a chance to create their own media which, in so many ways, is more honest and relevant to the lives of ordinary Americans. To say that Obama has been a media darling is almost an understatement. It would really not be an exaggeration to say that the media has almost deified Obama. There has been a staggering amount of questionable conduct by Obama which been completely ignored by the media. One of the most instructive and disturbing examples has been Obama’s choice of friends over the years. As Hillary Clinton pointed during her campaign for the presidency, one of Obama’s friends was a criminal slumlord. Another one of our president’s buddies was William Ayers, a former member of the Weathermen terrorist organization. (William Ayers, it should be pointed out, was convicted of bombing several government buildings.) The White House released a list of guests who were invited to Obama’s last birthday party. One guest was Jay-Z, the rapper who was convicted of assault after stabbing a man in New York. Another guest was Charles Barkley who has been charged with assault numerous times. (In all fairness I must say that most of these “assaults” were cases of self-defense for which Charles was acquitted. However, this has not always been the case. in a couple of instances the assaults were clearly unprovoked criminal acts.) Another guest was Al Sharpton. The Reverend Sharpton may not be a convicted felon, but he did defend Tawana Bradley who was found guilty of lying about being abducted by a white police officer. It is a truism that the company we keep is a reflection of our own character. What are we supposed to think of a president whose list of friends reads like a row of most wanted posters at the local police station? How could so many people have been stupid enough to vote for someone like this? If the American electorate does not start showing better judgement our country is doomed.

    Thomas Cox