No. 150 – September 25, 2012


I have given this Special Edition a lot of thought.  I am under no illusion that I will not be pilloried for what I am going to write.  But more and more people are saying this in private – but will, under no circumstances, admit to what I am about to say in public – for fear of being branded a nut, a conspiracy theorist – or just plain out to crazy.

I am going to present a scenario that should at least get people thinking.  Give this concept a thought – and see if it is at least plausable.

It is put forth to test your “Beyond the Boundaries” trend of thinking.

And, if you write this concept off as some loony fantasy, then that means you are not very well-adept at thinking “outside the box.”

As Rhett Butler once said:

“Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.”


I have been wrestling with a lot of inner feelings recently, with respect to the upcoming U.S. presidential election – and the outbreak of coordinated violence throughout the Middle East.

What has been bothering me is the complete and all-consuming GRAND LIE that many Americans seem to be accepting as fact.

Of course, we all know the concept of telling a lie long enough – and it will be believed.

The concept of lying, with regard to Islam – if it is to the furtherance of the Islamic “religion of peace” – seems to be a fairly well-accepted concept among Islamic theologians.

It also seems that, in Islam, if you cannot be converted to the Islamic religion, then you are considered an infidel.

According to what I have read, if you do not become a believer of the Islamic faith, then you are targeted by that faith with a number of different “punishments” including higher tax rates, denial of basic human rights – and ultimately, death.

The GRAND LIE is one of the most persuasive tools that the Islamic faith has at its disposal.  And with whom they associate with – to accomplish their stated desire of a one-world Islamic faith – makes no difference whatsoever.


Enter, the Enforcers.  The Chicago Mob has its links back to BEFORE Al Capone.  Once this man gained control through graft, murder, LIES and intrigue – he took over all of Chicago’s Mafia.  It is fairly well documented that Capone used all connections – including black Americans – to do his dirty work.  He had no compunctions about using poor, inner-city blacks, to sell drugs to “their own kind.”  And then there was the “black prostitution” that they were very subtly into, but kept it very well concealed.

Capone was the first of the criminal “community organizers” and he did it with aplomb.

After gaining control of Chicago, he reached out and finally established his Western Headquarters – Las Vegas, Nevada.  Harry Reid is in power in this pivotal swing state.

The web of contraband that travelled across the United States in Capone trucks (driven by union organizers, thugs and just plain crooks) delivered the “goods” to all points East – and West.

The Chicago Mob grew out of an organization that, at first, did not sell drugs, insisted on not hitting families – and especially children – and slowly devolved into a criminal organization in which anything, and everything, was permitted – as long as it made money – and solidified power in the process.


We all know about the TRIAD of uber-rich men that support Obama.

Warren Buffett

Bill Gates

George Soros

Of the first two, we know a lot about.

But George Soros is a man of much distinction – all in the negative – yet, the Mass Media has NEVER played this information for the public to actually see.

It has been reported that Soros was the supreme instigator, that almost brought down the whole financial system of Great Britain.

It is also reported that George Soros is a persona non grata in France.  If he ever sets foot into that country again, he will be placed immediately under arrest.  Initially, he was convicted of a number of crimes – but paid the French Government an astronomical amount of money not to be imprisoned.  He paid the ransom – and agreed never to return to France again.

When you think about this man – in conjunction with all the other assorted criminals that Barack Obama has surrounding his administration, both inside and outside – then you start to get the picture of how evil this cabal really is.


I was actually waiting for Obama to finally meet with the Israeli Prime Minister while he was here in America – but I was wrong.  Obama deliberately ignored him – and with very good reason.

Now, this is where the story starts to tug at your mental logic strings.

Try to picture this:

The Middle East is NOT out of control.  We are only being led to believe that is the case.  Again, the Mass Media is pouring on this false sense of what is really happeneing.

Then we have the Libyan Ambassador and three other Americans assassinated – on September 11, 2012 – and ABSOLUTELY nothing is done about it.

The United Nation’s Ambassador, Susan Rice went on EVERY TV show and adamantly – and arrogantly – lied, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, that it was not a coordinated attack.

“I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.”

Only the biggest of naive fools could believe what Susan Rice said.  But she stuck to the story – until finally evidence that was so overwhelming to the contrary had the Administration in retreat – but they STILL shuffled around the truth, and would not admit categorically that it had been planned.

So, now we are all believing that the Middle East is burning.  It is NOT burning.


Yes, I know, that sounds nuts.  But give this scenario just a little time to fester – and you will see where I am going with this.

Recall, the Arab Spring.  The bowing, the apologies, the condescension directed toward America by our own “president.”

I see this now, not as an APOLOGY TOUR – but a TOUR OF REASSURANCE – that the concept of an Islamic takeover of the United States in well at hand.

Yes, I can hear the screams now.  Larry, you are nuts!

But, please bear with me.

There are numerous tapes – all over the Internet – about Obama himself, proclaiming to be a Muslim.  He has said that on numerous occasions.

Obama has refused to take part in National Prayer Day – even though he proclaims to be a Christian.  This proclamation is an Islamic lie – for the furtherance of the “religion of peace.”

Obama – along with the Democratic Party – in their initial FULL denunciation of both God and Jerusalem  as the capital of Israel – is simply another piece of the puzzle.

Obama HATES Israel.  If this is not true, then why did he refuse to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Is this any way to treat our best ally in the Middle East?  With an ally like Obama, who needs enemies?

No, my friends, we have all been duped – time and again – with the GRAND LIE.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim – in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as a “Christian” believer.  This is the epitome of the GRAND LIE – and the American public is sucking it up like new born puppies at the tits of their exhausted mother.

All of Obama is a lie.  From his birth certificate, to his school papers, to his relinquishment of his law license, to the sealing of his grades – everything.  The man is a living GRAND LIE.


I was horrified when I heard what the United Nations allowed the Iranian Dictator actually say.  And to this point, I must add – that from this day on – it is a world sanctioned – anti-Semitic organization, of the highest order.

Why the American delegation did not walk out on him is NOW no longer a surprise.  They were instructed NOT to walk out.  I am afraid that this was the signal – and that it is only a matter of time – before Israel and Iran go to war.

Yes, I predicted that this would happen over a year ago – just before the presidential election – but I did NOT foresee the connection – until just a few days ago.

Israel is being set up – and the forces of the Muslim World in the Middle East are poised to re-implement Adolph Hitler’s Final Solution – with the “blessing” of the United Nations.


I was appalled at the Congress taking their “vacation” at such an inopportune time – until I gave it some more thought.

With Congress spread out all over America – the chance of calling them all back together – is not very good, considering they are all out on the campaign trail, once again begging for money and votes.

This leaves Obama solely at the helm of the Ship of State.

Israel knows fair-well that they have no choice.  If Iran is left to acquire nuclear weapons – then Israel is doomed – as per the Iranian Dictator’s most recent United Nations proclamation.

It remains to be seen what will happen – but it will not be easy to watch – now that we have allowed this GRAND LIE to fester for so long.

BUT, there is one hope – and this is the most important part – the crux – of this Special Edition.

I want to appeal to the Evangelical Element – that I have on many occasions taken to task for various reasons.

I KNOW there are a very large portion of this group that WILL NOT vote for Romney – because his is a Mormon.

I can see their point.  Many Evangelicals consider Mormonism as a cult – and an affront to Jesus Christ.

So, please allow me to render a different way of looking at things.  Simply put:

Who would you rather see in the White House in January 2013 – a Mormon – or a Muslim?

If the Evangelical Element – and their tremendous voter clout – can look at this upcoming election from this standpoint – then maybe Mitt Romney still has a chance to win.

I can only hope – and pray – that good Christians of all denominations – along with Jews, Independents, Libertarians – homosexual organizations (if you think you are mistreated now, wait until Islamic rule comes to town) – and any other groups of people who are concerned with the American way of life, vote for Mitt Romney.

He is not the best candidate.  He is the ONLY candidate that can turn this whole thing around.


Whether what I have just said or not resonates with readers, I really don’t care.  It had to be said.

If history is any predicator to the future – then we are in some very deep water.  If you look at the fall of Rome, and then look at the situation that America finds itself in – then you will understand the consequences that we face as a nation – if we continue on this path.

And, as I type, I noticed that Madonna has just said we now have a Black Muslim in the White House.

Now that is a declarative statement – to back up what I have just written.  Talk about timing!

What one Earth is this World coming to?

Best wishes and keep thinking positive!

Lawrence Klepinger




9 Responses to “No. 150 – September 25, 2012”

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Me thinks your mind is working to hard to confirm your imaginings.

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    Yay, Yay!!

    Too bad our media is too chicken to report the real news. I restate, remember the western movies when the newspaper publishers used to print news and the truth, then they wer bombed or shot.

    Today they must be running scared!

    From everything I’ve read about Islam, I agree with Mr. Klepinger and his views. He is pointing plane information that is not reported by the various medias.

    An attack on a USA Embassy is the same as the attack on 9/11. NO response, why? It was shelved to the side and forgotten.

    Because Obama is black is not the reason to put him in the White House. But who is he and what is he really doing, with his undercover agenda. It’s not the question who is the best man for the job; it is the question who is going to work for America and concentrate on “We the People”. I think the track record is wrong by Obama. After all, Obamacare will hit you in the wallet one of these years and what will you say then. Are you really paying attention.

    I have spent several hours reading about the beginnings of Islam and the Coran becuase I was curious. I don’t want to be a part of what the Islam is heading towards. They are the enemy to the world, not just the USA. But if they can control the USA, they are half in control of the world.

    I’m right now watching about what they learned from all the information gathered from the Bin Laden capture of data. What an evil man!! He had records that stated that if they kill Obama and General Patraeus, Joe Biden would become President who is totally unprepared to be President and then Bin Laden’s people could take over the US government.

    The would LIES is very important.

  • David Klepinger Says:


    I’m not sure if Obama is a Muslim or if he just worships himself. I’m sure his own image is the first thing on his mind when he awakes. It certainly is not the well-being of this country. Yes, it was amusing to see Madonna dancing on the stage with guys dressed as Black Panthers as she proclaimed that Obama was a “Black Muslim.” Some say she was just joking, but truth is often stated in jest. Bottom line, what you say is not far-fetched, not in the least. Bebe may well be the key to this whole election, because an attack on Iran would force Obama to actually go back to his office and do some work, which he avoids at all cost. It will also be interesting to see if guys like Ralph Reed can get the Evangelicals out there to get to the polls. Lots of elements at play here, few of which we will be able to witness first-hand. One thing is for sure in what we are able to see; as you say, it will not be easy to watch.

  • David Klepinger Says:

    Definition of taqiyyah:

    In Islam, the practice of concealing one’s faith and forgoing ordinary religious duties under threat of death or injury to oneself or one’s fellow Muslims.

    Yes, the Muslims have a specific word for lying about their religion. It’s as common as the ends justifying the means. The fact that Obama could be doing this should be of no surprise to anyone. In fact, he is lying about his real agenda everyday, but after he gets reelected, and we find out just what he has planned, it will then be too late. Just something to think about. No, it won’t be easy to watch, not one little bit.

  • Tom Cox Says:

    Hi Larry;

    I completely agree that the liberal media’s portrayal of Obama is a Grand Lie. However, I think it is a different kind of lie than the one you detailed in issue #150 of the American Telegraph. Obama has always claimed to be a great unifier who wanted to establish a more tightly-knit multiracial society in America. And yet his conduct, ever since the earliest days of his campaign for the presidency, has shown, very clearly, that he is a very racist man who hates white people. I first realized this during his campaign for the presidency when Obama made hateful, condescending remarks about rural, working-class white people. This despite the fact that many rural, working class whites risk their lives every day to keep our economy going. They do some of the most dangerous work there is as coal miners, lumberjacks, commercial fisherman, etc. Obama could have given them credit. Instead he insulted them. Little did I know at the time that Obama was just getting started. The next outrage came right after his election. Videos and eyewitness accounts proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Members of the New Black Panther Party harassed white voters at polling booths in Philadelphia. A crime was committed, without question. Obama’s response was to do nothing. Can you imagine how people would have reacted if a white supremacist group had harassed black voters? Obama’s racism has also been apparent in his judicial appointments. At one point only seven percent of Obama’s judicial appointments were white men. The racial composition of judicial appointees should be roughly proportional to the overall percentage of the population that is made up of that race. The last time I checked white men constituted more than seven percent of the American population. Another racist presidential act was to appoint Sotomyer to the Supreme Court. This is a woman who is on record as having said that Chicano women show better judgement than white men. Can you imagine how people would have reacted if a white man had said that white men show better judgement than Chicano women? Such an individual would have no chance of being appointed to the Supreme Court. After Trayvon Martin was shot Obama said; “If I had a son he would have looked like Trayvon.” However, a year ago when flash mobs composed of young black men went around brutally beating up white people Obama showed no sympathy whatsoever. He said nothing. Our Attorney General, Eric Holder, is probably even more racist than Obama. After a crazy white supremacist killed some Sikhs Holder went to the memorial service and offered his condolences to the Sikh community. That was fine. But what about all the White people who were seriously injured in the flash mob violence perpatrated by young black men some months before that? Why didn’t Eric Holder express any sympathy towards them? Holder is just as racist as his boss.

    Thomas Cox

  • Jacy Says:

    After almost four years of Obama I have a difficult time understanding why people disregard (for whatever reason) the fact that Obama has always been a Muslim. There was certainly enough evidence if one would only take the time to listen; to do the research. Now there are a number of video’s: “2016” (movie), “Hope and Change” etc. plus numerous books which could have enlightened the most naive. I first read “The Manchurian President” by Klein – immediatley upo release. Obama was involved in anti-American activities in 1988 in Hawaii. He was a student of Saul Alinksy (as was Hillary).

    I agree with everything Larry has said – but I will go even further. If Obama wins I will not only blame people who are stupid enough to not vote for Romney due to his Mormon religiion, but I will also blame the Republican party for not calling a spade a spade and fight back all the outrageous, unconscionable Democrat lies; the Muslim religion administered in secret by Obama and this thug administration and what will happen to every single citizen in this country if Obama is re-elected. I will blame our politicians (Congress) who did not vet Obama (they did McCain) because they knew he was not Constitutionally eligible to even be president. Members of Congress in 2007 should be tried for treason; I will blame talk show hosts as well for not investigating Obama’s birth certificate when Sheriff Joe put himself and his “posse” on the line to investigate the man. The country is in deep trouble and you can count on two hands the people who have the “cajones” to stand up and be counted by telling what and who Obama is – and what this country and our children and grandchildren will inherit beside a massive debt they cannot possibly crawl out from under. We have morons in this country who will vote for Obama because they don’t know the difference. Evidently some smart people don’t either!

  • Gerrit Kuiken Says:

    It is obvious that Larry has put a lot of thought into this (well-written/well-thought out) issue of the A.T. and he has used a method of writing that provides a number of diverse elements affecting Obama’s original election and subsequent events that might underlie his governance. Larry has chosen to offer these elements, i.e. the Chicago Mob, Soros’s influence, the basic aims of Islam, the importance of the “Evangelical Vote, etc. as “stand alone” paragraphs, and allows the reader to make their own connections between these elements as regard their impact on the Obama Administration (and perhaps re-election).

    I guess had I wrote this treatise, (but I am no-where near as deep a thinker as Larry obviously is!) I would have tried to make some conjunctive statements tying these diverse elements all together showing the overall picture and their impact or at least a summary showing how Obama has managed to manipulate all these various elements to achieve his (evil?) aims – i.e. equality of results irrespective of ability or effort. And/or perhaps further – of Islamic aims of world-wide imposition of the Muslim faith/Sharia rule. But whatever – in any event – no matter how presented – A.T.#150 as Larry sez – it is indeed thought provoking.

    There are those (Rush Limbaugh for instance) that put forth the notion that the key element in Obama’s election and success is a compliant main stream press – as shown in this recent quote from his radio station program.


    “There’s a tie-in to the elections in that Obama and the Democrats are using racism to get out the black vote. You know, in 2008… This is one of the things that happening out there, I think. In 2008, the Drive-Bys didn’t have to do a whole lot to generate turnout for Obama because it existed on its own. He was The Messiah. He was The One. He read speeches in Berlin and all over the world. All they had to do in 2008 was just not tell anybody about him.

    All they had to do was just continue that theme, that narrative, that he was God, essentially. That there had never been anybody like him in American politics. That Obama alone could unify all Americans, could get rid of partisanship, could make politics functional, end gridlock. The best of everything would be found and put to good use in virtually every aspect of Obama’s presidency! Americans would be loved and respected all over the world again.”

    End Quote:

    Contrast this with the notion that Obama has made use of every evil element in our society to achieve his political aims!

    Larry made much of Obama’s/Islam’s “Great Lie” but that lie would not have been possible without the Main Stream Medium’s complacence which in-fact continues to this present day – and Larry gave several examples of it, by their (media’s) not pointing up the huge parts of Obama’s history that probably any one of which – would have stopped his candidacy dead in its tracks had they been common knowledge and fully exposed. i.e. his tie-in’s with known extremists of every nature, both anarchists, Jew-baiters/black supremists, Marxists, etc. Not to mention his birther issues. Or Islam’s true aim, i.e. world dominance by violent means whenever necessary.

    I find it a bit ironic that Larry has rarely missed an opportunity to bad-mouth Evangelicals – and their clinging to their social issue beliefs, yet Larry now sees their Romney support/vote as essential to solve our national dilemma.

    I do not pretend to speak for Larry & his beliefs, but in our private correspondence, Larry has told me that he believes that Evangelicals are “so-called Christians who with their insistence that “abortion is murder & “One man/One Woman marriages” is God-commanded” – drives away more moderate, independent thinkers and Log Cabin Republicans. And therefore – could result in Obama’s re-election. Maybe.

    But to Larry’s credit – he does seem to concede that these Evangelical tenets/and electing a Mormon as president are a lesser threats to our society/nation’s future then continued Obama governance! Good for Larry that he can concede that much!

    Evangelical Christians believe the main themes of the Gospels are love and fellowship with God, while seeking His plan for their lives, and living it. They have various God-given tenets by which they live that may ascertain whether or not their daily communion with God is genuine, and teaches that the proof of spiritual regeneration is a life of active righteousness. i.e. living God’s Biblically-given commandments. It also distinguishes between the world (which is full of evil/evil persons and under the dominion of Satan) and the children of God (who consider themselves as set apart from the world and sometimes referred to as “Christians”)

    There is a school of Biblical thought (Eschatology – which most Evangelicals/Christians” subscribe to) that the world is engaged in a battle between good and evil – where Jesus Christ returns to earth and does battle with an evil one known as the “Anti-Christ”. And eventually – Jesus wins & the world is freed from sin/suffering/death, etc.

    Over the last millennia, there have been many persons that have been identified as the coming of the “Anti-Christ” such as Hitler and others (Obama?) also signaling Christ’s eminent return. Obviously, Obama would be a prime example, as pointed out in Larry’s A.T., i.e. Of Obama’s employing every kind of evil element/person to achieve his aims although I’m not saying that Larry subscribes to this eschatological theory. He would have to be the one to say that! 🙂

    What is further ironic is that devout Christians (sometimes referred to as Evangelicals), that while living in this world, believe they are not “of this world”. They believe that “God is in control” and they trust in God to insure that whatever is his plan for the world, will be. This is commonly referred to as “Christian Eschatology”


    I personally do not categorize myself as being in a Christian denomination that is commonly referred to as “Evangelical” but I do agree with their religious stands/beliefs. I suppose by a bit of a stretch – all those that call themselves “Christian” (including Catholics/Mormons) could be called “Evangelicals” cuz we all share the common belief that the way to an abundant life here on earth as well “eternal life” in the here-after is dependent on believing in God’s saving grace, Christ’s having died for our sins, as well as following God’s commandments in our daily living.

    So, in view of these facts concerning “Evangelicals” – it may be there are those that see the continuing/ongoing struggle between good and evil as God’s plan for the world and they are more concerned that they are on God’s side (Plan?), rather than the proposition that God be on their (human aspirations) side! And believe that their following God’s commandments in their lives are more important than who is president.

    But I also agree with Larry’s conclusion that the Evangelical vote is essential to Romney’s election and perhaps the way back from where we find America is on the wrong path, both economically or in many other regards.

    Good article Larry – gives one a lot to think about! I hope my comments have enlightened/enlarged and not confused! gk

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    That was hilarious – thanks for the entertainment.

    Barack Obama is an absolutely ordinary American. That is why he has been disappointing as a president – because he is not even as radical as his supporters hoped he would be. He said he would shut down Gitmo – he hasn’t; he said he would get the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan – he hasn’t; he said he would reform health care – well, he has, but not in the way his supporters would have liked. He has made a half-hearted attempt to reassert TRADITIONAL US foreign policy and call upon Israel to stop settlement-building. He did virtually nothing to assist in the “Arab Spring” He is as Muslim as my arse.

    Despite what Tom Cox says, he has done virtually nothing to help black people in the US. He is not a closet Muslim, or a Kenyan, or a Manchurian candidate: he is, to date, simply a wet.

    He HAS refused to meeet with Netanyahu, but givern that the last time they met, the leader of the bagel republic wiped his arse with the so-called leader of the free world… This could be for personal reasons.

    From a Republican point of view, he has been quite a good president, as he has been nothing but a prop for the status quo.

    Now go and take your meds like a good boy, and go back to your padded cell for a nap.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    One thing that seems to go unmentioned is that Israel without a doubt has nukes of its own.

    The rag heads in Iran might be suprised when their stuff fissels (you have to test first to be sure) and Iran then gets turned into a glass desert.

    That would be a shame, as the majority of Iranians don’t support the idiots in charge. The citizens there probably covet western ideals and freedoms more than any other country in the Middle East.

    But where was Obama during the Green Revolution? AWOL as usual.

    Or maybe not – if you understand his true agenda.