No. 149 – September 21, 2012


In my last email, I said that if anybody thought the attacks in the Middle East were not planned, or at least, coordinated, then they were just plain stupid.

I got a ration of garbage from readers who thought I was a “warmonger” and a “dip-shit, right-wing asshole.”

Some of the other emails were too tasteless for even me to print.  But I think you get the point.

Now, after days of hand-wringing, the White House has finally admitted that the attacks were, in fact, planned.

Since the inception of The American Telegraph, I have made it a point to offer prognostications – predictions, if you will – on things that I thought would happen in the future.

It is, without exception, when a person makes a prediction – and is right – not one word of congratulations is ever rendered.

However, when a prediction goes awry, the flurry of “You stupid jerk” emails come rushing in.  I guess it is just human nature.  But, I have grown used to the insipid remarks and actually am amused by most of them.

“God has a sense of humor; that is why He created Liberals.”

But, the extent to which Liberal absurdism has gone these days is beyond anything that I had ever predicted.  Much further than Jimmy Carter, and a lot further than Bill Clinton.

The audacity of arrogance has reached new lows with this White House – to the point that even my Liberal friends are scratching their heads.

The latest joke was when Obama actually said, “You cannot fix Washington from the inside.”

Folks, this is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

Speaking of which, he is now on the griddle for not even securing the US Embassies in the Middle East – during the observance ceremonies of September 11, 2001.

I honestly think that, in the years to come, historians will say that Barack Obama functionally insane.  I am not kidding when I say this.

If George Bush had done just half of what Obama has done, the Liberal Media would be going nuts.  But they are, instead, making one excuse after another – to cover for Barack Obama.  How much longer this can go on is anybody’s guess.

In my humble opinion, Barack Obama is in no way, shape or form capable of being president of thet United States.

Furthermore, I believe that he is holding the office of the president illegally.  And, in case you did not catch it on the mass media, more evidence has just come out that this is exactly the case.

No, I am not a birther.  Just a truther.

Are We The People to believe that the current illegal administration did not even consider the turmoil that has erupted in the Middle East?  Are they really THAT inept?

Awhile back, I cautioned that if the GOP concentrated solely on the economy – that was a HUGE mistake.  I also predicted QE 3 – over a year ago.

Please keep an eye on gas prices.  They will be around the $3.20 level, going into the November election.

With the Quantitative Easing that has now been implemented – there is no more purpose in numbering them.  Mr. Bernanke has stated that he will print as much money as is needed to “right” the economy.  Notice, I said PRINT.  Not MINT.

Instead of QE 4, it is now, QE FOUREVER.  (That is a play on words, in case you missed it).


Sorry folks, but this is another red herring from the White House.

There is NO fiscal cliff.  It is a game, a gimmick, a “come-on,” to get everybody stirred up.  Put simply, “It ain’t gonna happen.”

Remember, the ice age coming back in the 1970s?  Then it was the computer scare of 2000.  And, now we have global warming – but Antarctica has just been observed with the largest amount of ice ever.  Are we being played for chumps, or what?

Do you, in all good conscience, believe that the status quo would ever let a complete economic meltdown come to pass?  Rest asssured, it will not happen.

What will happen is BRINKMANSHIP instead.  Both sides will take this right up to the proverbial “11th hour” then come to an agreement of some kind – probably a diluted compromise that will patch things together – until the next Congressional election of 2014.  Yes, my friends, we have that to look forward to.  Yet, nobody is even talking about it – yet.

As for taxes, there will be a compromise – most likely much of Bush’s tax policy will be extended for at least another six months to a year.  No one is talking about this, either.  But, it will happen.  Mark my words.


I am calling the debates right now – both in favor of Barack Obama.


Because the mass media “likes” Obama – and that is the group that will be asking the questions of Obama and Romney.  It is a foregone conclusion.  If anybody thinks Romney stands even an iota of a chace of “winning” the debates, you had better get your head examined.

And Paul Ryan will fare the same.  He will be “out-smiled” “out-gaffed” and “out-dimwitted” by Joe “The Plumber” Biden.

In case you did not realize it, Joe Biden was chosen as the best speech giver – during BOTH of the presidential conventions.  Who made that decision?  Why, of course, the mass media.

Did you hear me?  BOTH of the conventions.  Joe Biden!


I’ll tell you what has been going on.  Americans are now so enamoured with themselves, and their petty little lives, that they “like the dude image” on American Idol.

Everyone is dancing in the stars.  People are too busy watching crap movies, mesmerized by video games – and acting as though they are playing professional sports through FANTASY FOOTBALL.  Everyone is PRETENDING.  

We, as a nation, are DREAMING about being something – somebody – that we are not.

We are in a perpetual state of self-delusional fantasy.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we – as a nation – are engaging in infantile “dream matches” like little children.  I remember when I was a kid, I used to pretend that I was Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch, of the L.A. Rams, when we played tackle football on our neighbor’s front lawn.

But I was just a kid.  Now “GROWNUPS” are doing the exact same thing.  Grown men can name every player’s name, their stats, and all the other crap that goes along with this type of mass insanity.

Do I like American football?  Of course I do.  But I am not a complete imbecile about it.

Ask those same men the name of our Secretary of State – and 80% would look at you cross-eyed.

Ask them who is in line to the succession to the presidency – if something ever happened to the sitting incumbent  -and they would not even know what you are talking about.

Furthermore, not one of them would care.

And, therein lies the crux of the matter.

Most Americans don’t know – and they simply don’t care.

Like the old ruler once intoned:

“Give the masses bread – and a circus – and they will be satisfied.”

So now we have half of the country playing FANTASY FOOTBALL – and the other half on FOOD STAMPS.


Which brings us to the most inane concept of this year’s presidential campaign – and no one knows how to even begin to deal with it.

Let me state, first and foremost, in a FREE, CAPITALISTIC SOCIETY, there is no such thing as Income Equality.

How on earth has this concept even been allowed to fester into the monster it has become?

By the mass media pumping it, day after day – and the GOP not having enough gravitas to swing back with all its might.

Mitt Romney gave it a good shot the other night but everybody jumped on him when he was talking about the 47% that were not going to vote for him – because they were on some sort of government handout.

Of course, this is not exactly what he said – but that is how the media portrayed it – and it stuck.

It is impossible to have income equality.  If all incomes were equal – then all of us would be artists or musicians.

Who would want to study to be a doctor or a dentist, an airplane pilot or a mechanical engineer?  Let’s just all smoke dope, paint pictures, write Zen-inspired poetry – and have the same income.

This type of thinking is ludicrous.  But that is what is being pumped by the Liberals during this election.  And it is working.

No one is talking about EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.  Why?  Because with equal opportunity comes the concept of competition.  And with that in play, the requirement that is demanded is – hard work.

But, with the instillation of “everybody wins” and there are “no losers” – as is being perpetuated in our “public school systems” of today – EVERYBODY THINKS THEY ARE ENTITLED TO WIN – without having to sweat for the RIGHT to receive a higher wage or income.

Everybody wins?  No losers?  This is completely nuts!

Did you read what I just said?  Sweat.  At 70% of our population in the obese range – is it any wonder why kids and grownups alike – are opting out for fantasy games – fantasy lives – instead of buckling down, going out and finding a job – and getting this country back to work.


No, that is not my point.  Let me put it to you this way.

I am 65 years old.  I still collect cans, plastic and bottles – and take them to our recycling center.  I get about $25 every time I go there.  I put that money into my truck gas tank.

I sell second hand furniture that I have refinished.  I get about $100 a month from that side hobby.

I have a small investment company that buys and sells real estate.  I also have a few rentals that I take care of.

I drive an old truck.  My wife and I don’t go out to restaurants very often.  We plan our trips to where we get a lot of chores done at once – to save on gas.

In contrast, we have two units that are being rented in our complex to people under the government sponsored, Section 8 program.

They come home late at night, fight (last night my wife thought somebody was going to get killed), trash is all around their condos, Mac Donald’s bags, Taco Bell trash and broken beer bottles are starting to litter the whole area.

Do they care?  Apparently not.  Why?  Because they feel that they are ENTITLED to live in these condos – and they don’t have to take care of anything.  And this is not a race thing.  One family is white, the other black.

But they both have the same mental trend of thinking.  I have talked with both families – and they sounded exactly the same.  And among the eight persons between the two families – not one has a job, nor are they looking for employment.

The saddest thing is to see their kids.  Cute as hell – headed for a life of dependency, more entitlements – and possibly time in prison.

If America does not wake up soon – it will simply be too late.

And for those that do not vote this November – then you have only yourselves to blame.


As the Middle East continues to devolve into total chaos, as our “commander in chief” is AWOL, and as the Untied States of America continues to be insulted and hated around the world by friends and foes alike, I want to take this time to remind everyone that today is National POW & MIA Day.

Although the mass media is shunning this holiday, it is with honor and humility that I thank them for their time, consideration – and service to America.

It will always be a mystery to me, as to why, when we had the chance to elect one of these brave men to the presidency – we chose Barack Obama instead.  For that, I am sorry.  I voted for John McCain – a true American hero.

So today, I salute all these brave men and women who are still in the status of POW or MIA.  If they can receive this newsletter, I simply want to say that you are not forgotten by We The People.  For without heros such as you, America would not be free today.

Thank you all.

And, it is with a very sad note, that I include the names of Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith in this edition.

May they all rest in peace.

Take care, keep thinking positive – and make sure to hang out your flag today as a reminder to those who have paid the “ultimate price” so that we still remain free.

Let US hope they did not die in vain.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger
Editor / Publisher




6 Responses to “No. 149 – September 21, 2012”

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    I must respond to some of your statements.

    In your first section, it’s all plane truth. Folks just don’t want to believe what they don’t want to understand or have a mind set that is very closed to any type of information they already believe. As for Gas, I watch some stations around the area. Arco, they all have different prices with in a 5 mile radius, NOT THE SAME PRICE. One station was at $3.95 for many weeks, then one-day, it went to $3.97. In the past week They went had some price drops back to $3.95, then in a few days later, down to $3.93. Also, went to the dentist and saw a $3.83 price. After my apointment, I went back to the station to buy gas; But, when looking at the pump (then checking the sign), the price went to $3.87, all that happened with in an 1.5 hours time period in the middle of the day. Can anyone explain why these prices changed?

    Section 2, all that you allude too is simply the normal game of politicians. Use what ever they want to make the moment look better of worse, no truth.

    In Section 3, debates, what a bunch of crap these are. Talk about winner or loser, best debate would be handled by radom public selection to ask the questions and run the whole affair. America, “We the People”, run debate.

    In Section 4, “what the hell is going on?” Ya, good question and who cares?

    In Section 5, Income Inequality. My dentist appointment was a big surprise. It’s been a while since I was there (due to less income). When I returned, my records had be archived and had to fill out a new form as I was a new patient. Cost for cleaning teeth was under $100 a while back, this time it was $148.00. Then the Dr. has to examine my teeth to ensure I have no problems. He takes about 5 minutes, that price was $35.00, today I paid $58.00 and all is well. So, the dentist got $58.00 for 5 minutes work, I get $1.57 for about the same time.

    As for Section 6, you ole SOB, just another way to say I’m doing my share to recycle and putting in the tank; planning time; Section 8, yep, some can get it and live better than I do on so called retirement income and I pay for medical coverage; trash…Come to school and check it out after lunch, the kids just leave their garbage on the ground so others have to clean it up. However, due to downsizing in custodial work force, they bring out the mental slow kids to help clean up and empty the garbarge cans. Teacher walk around with them to ensure they are doing the job and doing it right!

    And for the last Section, thanks for the information as I don’t listen to and read too much news (Too much B.S.), I looked up the names you mentioned. Funny thing, the news I first seen and heard did not mention these folks, or I missed it. However, As I found in one article, Obama and Clinton were at the air force base when the bodies of all those men were taken off the plane and here is what was quoted: ‘ “Their sacrifice will never be forgotten,” Obama told the 200 mourners gathered in an open hangar at Andrews Air Force Base.’ Is that in the moment statement or is there real truth to the President’s statement.

    We are not free, just living in a state of mind that the politicians want us in. So who is really in control as one puts their mark on the Ballot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Well, so you think GW was qualified to be president? We have not been known to elect (I use that word loosely since he was handed the presidency by the Supreme Court) the most qualified people to the office. Gosh remember Carter the wuss?

    As long as the media (of which you complain so bitterly about) doesn’t pay any attention to the real world and real national affairs, why should the public know what is going on?

    Gee whiz, I am going to visit the States next month and was thinking of seeing my old dentist there. One of your commenter’s has just scared me away. I pay $17 here in Thailand for a cleaning by a real dentist.

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    Larry, Another great AT. The only correction I would offer is that I stopped calling them public schools after numerous contacts with them over the years. I now call them what they, in fact, are: GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS (or, more accurately, INDOCTRINATION CENTERS).
    While there are rare exceptions, a man or woman does not become a government school teacher in or principal of a government school today without passing political, ideological muster with the largely socialist/liberal educrats above him/her.
    I picked up my grandson at his high school several times before the 2008 election. Nearly EVERY car in the teachers’ parking lot sported an OBAMA bumper sticker! Some were PLASTERED with them.
    On one occasion AFTER the election, I had to pick him up in the Principal’s office. As I waited for him, the Principal came out of her office and asked who I was. (At all of 4-5” tall, I think she’s Robert Reich’s sister and just looks like the liberal/socialist she was. Actually, she looked like a bleeping troll!) I told her who I was and remarked on the student created anti-drug posters decorating the walls in the hallway.
    Yes, she said, drugs are a problem in the schools today. I agreed and, recognizing the truck-size opening she’d just afforded me and unable to hold back, I remarked that the American voters had sent a wonderful message to our kids by installing in the White House a guy who still smokes and used cocaine in college? To my delight, the nearby ARMED security guy piped in with “Yeah, he admitted it on the campaign trail.”
    She paused then blurted “What do you want to say to that?” I said there was nothing she COULD say but that I was blown away by the hypocrisy of those posters inasmuch as it appears that, if one uses the bumper stickers on the cars in the teachers’ lot as a gauge, every adult in that building voted for an admitted drug user to lead the nation.
    We turned and walked out. My grandson glanced back and remarked quietly that she did not look happy.
    I just learned that the late Andrew Breitbart was DEEPLY concerned that if we didn’t clean up the American GOVERNMENT schools, nothing else we do will matter much as these places turn out score of thousands of new little Marxists and government myrmidons every year. I’ve been beating THAT drum for decades.
    If Romney wins and does nothing else but dismantle the federal
    DOE in his first term, I’ll help give him a second.
    “When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’”
    – Adolph Hitler

  • Frank Champagne Says:

    Let’s be clear, Larry, we do not have a Commander in Chief. This man can’t lead, nor can he follow. He can’t follow the advice of advisors, or the recommendations of experts. He fails to lead in any way. He is so insular, so self engrossed and arrogant that he always believes he is the smartest man in the room, any room. So when an ambassador is left without a security detail on. 9-11 in an unstable ME nation and is then murdered in cold blood along with three others, Obama misdirects the inquiry with the red herring of some dopey video!
    Yes, Equal Opportunity was the issue a generation ago, but today it’s about entitlement. We need to change that back.
    As for the MSM, they will sink with the Obama ship. A recent poll showed that 60% of rhe people already don’t believe them so they are doing themselves in. Good riddance!

  • Jacy Says:

    I would suggest that everyone who reads Larry’s post find and listen to the video from JOEL GILBERT. (I sent it to you Larry). It is long but it is the most in depth documentary on Barrack Hussein Obama (not his real father) – his beliefs, his friends/associates etc. Gilbert has delved deeply with accurate facts. The citizens of this country have been duped. I believe Gilbert also was the one who gave a talk at the National Press Club with (surprising) a standing ovation.

    I did not realize (know) that Communism and Marxism have been entrenched in this country for decades.

  • David Klepinger Says:

    As to the topic of Islam, this about says it all: